Foods That Promote Digestive Health

1There are numerous types of foods that promote digestive health. In this article, we will discuss a small amount of these kinds of foods, and how they can help promote better digestive health. Of course, there are many other whole foods that c an help your digestive system too.


Probiotics have been shown countless times in supporting our digestive health. Having a strong healthy digestive system starts with probiotics. There are the healthy bacteria that are already living in your stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

These bacteria promote immunity and regulate our digestion in our body. Yogurt is the best way to get your probiotic intake. Yogurt contains live cultures that help with digestion in our body. It is important that the label says “active” or “live” cultures, or else it will do nothing for us. Low fat, fiber filled yogurts are the best.


Getting your daily dose of dietary fiber is important, especially if you want a healthy digestive system. Fiber is needed in order to keep material in our bowel moving naturally through the colon and eventually will be expelled.

2Without fiber, our body cannot digest because of toxin build up. This build up of toxins could cause major problems, but it can be avoided by getting fiber into your system. If there is no fiber, our body will reabsorb these toxins, which could be harmful.

Adding a large amount of fiber to your diet can help get rid of waste from your body that would otherwise be reabsorbed back into our body. Prunes are a great way to get fiber because they also have a small laxative effect. They help to cleanse our system and give us a large amount of energy as well.


Along with probiotics, our body needs probiotics as well in order to function properly. Prebiotics help to nourish the bacteria found in our body and keep them healthy and in working order. They are extremely essential when the body is under attack by an infection or disease.

Prebiotics also help our stomach and intestines produce more acid, so more nutrients can be absorbed. Lentils are beneficial because they are natural and also have a high amount of fiber.

They are perfect for vegetarians because they can be eaten in place of red meat. They have high protein and iron in them as well, which is beneficial to our muscles and our heart.


3Fermented foods are becoming increasingly popular this day in age. Fermented foods help to give our digestive tract a little bit of a breather. Fermented foods predigest foods for you, taking work away from your digestive system. Eating foods that are fermented also help with absorption of various nutrients in the body. Sourdough is a great substitute from wheat bread.

This is extremely beneficial if you are allergic to gluten. It is also sometimes possible to buy gluten free sourdough bread. It is a great way to get your fermented food intake in. Other foods that are high in fermentation and that are easy to be digested are miso, kefir, sauerkraut, and pickles. Regardless of what one you eat, you are doing nothing but good by introducing it into your body.

These Foods Can Help – However, Don’t Get Caught Up in the Myth That You Can Eat All of Your Prebiotics
In order to get enough of your daily prebiotic content, you will need to eat at least 4lbs of these kinds of foods each day. This may have been possible in the past, before our modern day society. However, it is very difficult to get these fresh foods daily.

The next best thing you can do is to use high quality prebiotic supplements. For example, kiwi fruit supplements are considered to be a very good prebiotic.

Not only that, kiwi fruit supplements contain other properties too. They have phenolics in them that help your digestive system.

Also, be sure to check out our manufacturer of choice for these kind of high quality kiwi fruit supplement.

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You might as well consider taking care of your body after your skin. Your body needs enough energy to function throughout the day and that can include your digestive system. So getting enough sleep is important, however people do have problems sleeping and that can be because of snoring.